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As a professional manufacturer of paper storage products, “paper-made things” “paper better” Pursuing “things that must be on paper” and willing to everyone who actually uses it We believe that we can deliver it in a gatherable form. Even paper which can not be imagined can be used. Please contact us if you have any troubles. “To the shape of your thoughts …. With such a thought, from now on We will work on “making trusted products.”



Company Profile
Name Band / Corporation

Establishment / September 18, 1955

Capital / 10,000,000 yen

Representative Director / Katsumi Amano

Executive Officer / Managing Director Takashi Bando

Number of employees / 20 (including part)

Address / 5 - 10 - 16 Kanoe Higashi Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 578 - 0901

T E L / 072-806-8781

F A X / 072-806-8785


Business item

・Planning, production and sales of paper storage articles

・Promotional materials and printed matter in general

・Packing material set

・Assembly and set processing in general


Message from the President

We have been involved in cardboard and paper processing for many years and have acquired know-how as a processing manufacturer.

In addition to handling the planning, manufacture and sale of corrugated storage goods,

We changed company name to Bando Co., Ltd. in December 2003, at present Higashi Osaka

We started selling paper storage goods in earnest.

It is a company with only 20 employees, but consistently from planning to production and delivery

Building a structure that can be done in-house, and creating a company that can meet customer’s needs

I have kept a high expectation. In addition, planning members are also enriched in recent years, more

We aim to become a manufacturer “Bando” that can make proposals.

We will continue to evolve to respond to customers’ needs in the future, mainly based on paper that can be easily reproduced and processed, and contribute to society.

Representative Director Katsumi Amano


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